Friday, November 28, 2008

Date Stamps

Tonight, I took a break from decorating the tree to begin my JYC project. I created my date stamps for each page. I decided for my first year to go with something a little simple. I simply punched the 37 circles and 74 holly leaves. After putting the numbers on, I attached two holly leaves to each circle. I decided not to distress the edges as I am not sure what papers I will be using this year. I know some people are using the page maps to create their pages ahead of time, but since I don't know what I am doing, I will make my pages as I go along.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Journal Your Christmas

Last year while surfing some blogs, I came across one blog where the blogger had posted a page from her Christmas Journal. I really liked the idea and decided to ask the blogger about where she got her idea and her prompts. She referred me to Shimelle's blog. I chose not to sign up last year as it was already half way through the month of December and I felt that I was too far behind. I kept watching the sight and signed up once the post was up for this years class. I am really excited about doing this and hoping I can stay on top of things. Usually December is very busy, but since Sarah is in high school we have two fewer programs to attend for the month. I plan on posting my layouts to this site, so check back often, this may help keep me accountable.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

All I need now is some time.

I must say that even though this has been a very busy week with a few things, the mail this week has been great. On Tuesday I received my final package from my fiskateer secret sister. She sent me the coolest things including a wonderful orange(fiskars) colored ornament, and a holly squeeze punch from fiskars. Plus a few other scraping goodies. She has been a wonderful secret sister. If you don't know what a fiskateer is please click here to find out. This group is so friendly and supporting. On Tuesday I also received my embellishment swap back from another great yahoo group. There were 10 of us and we each created an embellishment kit for paper crafting. We each had a color and created 10 kits Then sent the package to our fearless leader, who redistributed the kit and sent it back to us. I received 10 different colored packages. Finally today, I received the frame kit that I won from Kelly Jo, one of the fiskateer leads. This kit looks like so much fun, it even included a fiskars tape runner. I love this adhesive, but have never seen it in a store.
Now all I need is the time to spend many hours creating. Do you think that Santa would bring me at least 72 hours of total free time, without any other distractions so that I can create and scrap and rest? Please Santa, that is all I really want, besides a clean house and children that actually help verses hinder.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Spit Rags

When Kristen was a baby, I received a very nice gift that had some decorated spit rags. The person had simply taken a cloth diaper and found some cute ribbon then sewed it down the edge. I loved this look and also the fact that when we went out, or for something nice, I could take a nicer looking spit rag. I saved those rags for outings, church, family holidays etc. Because I love those so, I decided to make a few for my new great niece Allison. I did two with the ribbon down the side, and then I did two with my embroidery machine. I will be meeting Allison later today, at the birthday party for Austin and Kristen. She is about 6 weeks old, so can't wait to see her. I am hoping that she enjoys these spit rags as much as Kristen enjoyed hers.