Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy National Scrapbook Day

One of my favorite holidays, this ranks right up there with Christmas and Easter. Normally I head to my favorite LSS for a two day crop but they are not doing their big crop until the end of June this year. Since I am writing this early, I haven't decided yet what I will do to celebrate this holiday, but I know that it will involve spending time with my paper, pictures, and glue and also very possibly at least one of my two daughters. Might just stay home and participate in a couple of online crops. This way both girls can scrap and watch movies to our hearts delight. Anyway here are my takes on the sketches posted over on Pieces of Me. Make sure that you pop over there and check out all of the other very talented scrapbookers and their layouts. I am sure that you will receive all kinds of inspiration.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kristen's 1st Quilt

3 years ago, my mom purchased this quilt kit for Kristen to work on, partially because Kristen wanted it.  She worked on it a little at a time, but not very much.  Just recently she got out the kit and has worked on it fairly steady for a couple of weeks and has finished it.  Now to take it to the fabric store and find some fabric to back it with.  Kristen is quite proud of finally finishing her project (I think that maybe she was just too young before).  She isn't quite sure what she will use it for, but thinking that it might make a nice doll blanket.

Friday, April 23, 2010

A new Venture for me.

A couple of weeks ago one of the Fiskateers, posted on the message board that she was looking for some scrapbookers who would create layouts with her sketches before the date that she planned to post the sketch. Her goal was to be able to show samples of how other people used her sketch. I decided to email her as I had just done a few sketches and decided that I really like doing them. It keeps my scrapping new and different. I was getting into a rut with how my pages were layed out. Now I am using different layouts and more patterned paper. Hoping that doing the sketchs helps me out in several ways.
1. Getting more pages done, now I have to work on at least 4 layouts a month
2. Helping me to use up my stash. I am trying a no buy challenge, except for adhesives and basic colored cardstock.
3. Helping me to design different layouts and get more creative.
You can check out the sketch, and all of our takes on Judy's blog Pieces of Me, you really need to check them out, her 11 year old daughter is one of the ones doing the sketches and wow is this girl talented.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A scrappy get to know you.

Here's 25 scrapbook-related get to know you questions. Copy & paste the questions to your blog and change the answers to your own! Have fun! Leave a link in the comments so that others can check you out. I found this at Pieces of Me .

1. Scrapper/cardmaker/both? Mainly I scrapbook, but have fooled around with cards a little in the past year.

2. How long have you been scrapping/cardmaking ? How did you get into it? I have been scrapbooking for over 13 years. I originally saw an ad for creative memories and they were looking for consultants, so I signed up without having ever seen their product or done a page.

3. Do you prefer to work alone, or get together with friends/go to crops/classes etc? I actually prefer both. I don't have a designated place at home so I do what I can there, but enjoy packing up and heading off for a weekend or even an evening with the girls

4. Favorite embellishments? Good question, not sure what I like to use the most, I am trying to use some different products.

5. Favorite paper brands? I tend to purchase whatever fits my needs and I like

6. Favorite tool? Mr Fiskars paper cutter

7. Favorite kind of ink? no favorite, just use what ever I can get my hands on. I don't do much stamping and always seem to forget about distress ink.

8. Whose your scrap idol? Almost anyone, love other peoples work

9. Something you bought that you wish you hadn't or have never used? Not sure here,

10. Do you have your own scraproom or do you work in a shared area? I usually work in a corner of the living room, but am counting down, in a little over 2 years, I am hoping to have one of my daughter's rooms to use. Love the idea of kids going away to college.

11. Are you a chronological, reverse chronological, or random scrapper? Mostly chronological, but starting to do a little random scrapping

12. What is your scrapping style if you have one? Very clean and very simple. There is usually some white space left on my layouts.

13. Whats on your work area right now? as many supplies as possible stacked up to keep them off of the floor.

14. Favorite adhesive? Dry, K and Company, Wet Tombow .

15. Technique you have never tried that you would like to? alcohol inks

16. Are you on or have you ever been on a design team or been a guest designer? no,

17. Have you ever had your work published? No, .

18. Are you a consultant for a company such as Close to my heart, stampin up, creative memories, etc? I used to be for creative memories but stopped about 8 years ago.

19. Do you subscribe to any kit clubs, if so which ones? Just started "The Story Matters" a new kit club from Scrapaganza.

20. Do you have a minimal stash of supplies or are you a shopper/collecter? Way too much, trying not to buy much except for adhesives and white cardstock.

21. Are you a sketch user, scraplifter, or do you come up with it all on your own? I usually do my own stuff, but just started playing with sketchs and have decided that I like them.

22. Do you participate in any online challenges, if so which ones? I just completed the sweet talking challenge from Log Your Memory and have been working on the sketch challenges from Scrapaganza.

23. Do you own any diecutting machines (manual or electric) and if so which ones? The original cricut and the cuttlebug.

24. If you have a manual diecutting machine what kind of dies do you use? Mostly cuttlebug and my daughter has several of the cuttlekids dies.

25. Are you a Stickleser (is that even a word?) Once in a while I use stickles but not much.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

April Sketch Challenge

I think that I am starting to get hooked on sketches. Never thought that would happen, but it makes it really easy to design a page. I just need to find the right pictures and paper and then put it together. Here is my entry for the sketch challenge over at The Story Matters.
The sketch for April

My take on the sketch.

Thanks for looking

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A little creating the past few weeks

I have had some time to get some of my pictures scrapped. It feels nice to actually get many of these put into layouts. I still have to go back and add some journaling to many of the layouts. I am almost finished with Sarah's 8th grade year, only two years behind, but need to get more pictures printed. Hoping to be able to get even more done, but until my order arrives, looks like I need to work on our trip to Disney in 2006 (almost done with that) or some for Kristen and the family album.