Saturday, November 22, 2008

All I need now is some time.

I must say that even though this has been a very busy week with a few things, the mail this week has been great. On Tuesday I received my final package from my fiskateer secret sister. She sent me the coolest things including a wonderful orange(fiskars) colored ornament, and a holly squeeze punch from fiskars. Plus a few other scraping goodies. She has been a wonderful secret sister. If you don't know what a fiskateer is please click here to find out. This group is so friendly and supporting. On Tuesday I also received my embellishment swap back from another great yahoo group. There were 10 of us and we each created an embellishment kit for paper crafting. We each had a color and created 10 kits Then sent the package to our fearless leader, who redistributed the kit and sent it back to us. I received 10 different colored packages. Finally today, I received the frame kit that I won from Kelly Jo, one of the fiskateer leads. This kit looks like so much fun, it even included a fiskars tape runner. I love this adhesive, but have never seen it in a store.
Now all I need is the time to spend many hours creating. Do you think that Santa would bring me at least 72 hours of total free time, without any other distractions so that I can create and scrap and rest? Please Santa, that is all I really want, besides a clean house and children that actually help verses hinder.


Kelly Jo said...

Colleen~ I'm so glad that you got your goodies. Please share your creations, when you get time to create. I hope Santa grants your wish!

MaryNSC said...

WOW E girl U RACKED UP!!!!
I want to be your sister..HAHAHAHAHHA