Friday, December 5, 2008

My first blog award

Tracy from Inside the ScrapHeap picked my blog for an award. How cool is that?

( will pick my seven tonight when I am off of work instead of now.)

Okay, so I totally forgot about picking my favorite blogs to pass this on to, so I am going to start working on this now. I must admit, that I have a ton of blogs in my reader and it will be hard to pick 7. If you are reading this and I didn't pick you don't feel bad. Matter of fact, feel free to just add this award to your blog, because if I take the time to follow you then I like your blog.

1. Candy's Creations
2.Brandie's Thoughts
3. Bren's Stuff
4. Bush Life
5. Debby's Dare
6.I Scrap, you scrap, we scrap
7. Jennie's Scrap Space

There I have choosen 7. Please don't feel bad if you were choosen, I just ran out of space to list all of the blogs.


Bren said...

Well done Colleen. I can see why it was picked!

cyndi said...


MaryNSC said...

WELL I wont cry this time...LOLOLOL
How do U keep with the Blogs.. I want to go see them allllllll.. I know I M messing something It drives me Crazy!!!

Latharia said...

Aw! Isn't that a nice warm fuzzy!?! Congratulations! :D

Sarah said...

Congratulations, and thank you very much in turn! Now to figure out to add it to my blog... :)

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