Monday, September 6, 2010

FIL's album

Last December we moved my Father In Law into the nursing home.  During this time, I inherited 3 boxes full of pictures.  My goal is to work through the boxes and create a scrapbook or two for him with all of the pictures.   Sad to say many of those pictures were not labeled, so I am not sure who is who.  Luckly, I was able to figure out most of the grandkids, so decided to start there.  I have created 10 pages for his album.  The first two will be the title page to this section of the album, and then a single one page layout for each of the 8 grandchildren.  On the Grandchild title page I made a list of each of the 8 children including their middle names and their birthdates (and death date, when applicable).  I choose to use blue cardstock for the boys and a pink for the girls. I will also create a section for his 5 kids.  I might do a two page spread for each, as I am sure that there are enough pictures to create a two page spread.  After this I want to start the great-grandchild section.  This will take some help from either the parents or grandparents of those kids as I really don't have too many pictures of them.  After that I will create pages of both my FIL and my MIL plus pages for their wedding.  Hopefully after that is done, I will be able to narrow down the pictures a bit more.

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Karelj said...

What a generous, loving thing to do. Thanks for sharing.