Friday, March 4, 2011

Wow, 2 awards

For this award I need to list 8 things you don't know about me and award 8 different people

For the 8 things about me
1. I play the clarinet and alto clarinet
2. My nickname in high school was bashful
3. I became a CM consultant without ever seeing the company or scraping a page.
4. I love cooked spinach.
5. I always wanted to be a teacher
6.Besides sewing and scrapbooking, I can also knit and crochet
7.I really miss having a dog, but we just don't have the space or time for one.
8. My favorite sport is Volleyball.

The second award is the

and is designed to showcase new blogs or blogs that you really want to share with others.

I now need to pick 8 bloggers to receive the first award and 3-5 bloggers to receive the second award.  Since I getting ready to go out to a show, I will pick my receipents later. 

Thanks Ann for awards.


SarahA said...

Congrats Colleen! You bashful? Spinach, yuck!

WAM Family said...

Congrats on both awards Colleen!!! I love Spinach also. I think a certain cartoon as a child influenced me to love it. I won't name it as it would age me terribly. LOL

Thank you so very much for your comment on my blog today. All of the comments are so appreciated.


Lisa West said...

Hi, congrats on the awards. I just love the comp. books challenge. Great end results! I have to comment on the name of your blog..I love's so true..I'm struggling with that issue right this moment :) hahaha

Sandy O said...

LOL, I love eating spinach...we would get along great {{{wink}}}