Sunday, February 16, 2014

Week 2 ALBC

Week 2's Challenge is to use torn paper.  This one was perfect as I had many projects started that had torn paper, but they either weren't finished, layouts needed pictures, or one more project that needed to be started.
The first ones are projects that needed to be either finished or started.  I received the large magnetic messenger project from the RIAB.  Wasn't sure if I would enjoy this project or not, but as I started working on it, I couldn't help but fall in love.  Because I loved it so much I decided to get the smaller version also.  Now to find a place to hang them.  The first picture shows a part of each one, side by side so that you can see the size difference.  After that the pictures are of the individual boards.  I still need to put the beads and thread to hang them on, but the beads that came with the project are to small for the thread so I need to find a bead with a larger hole.  Can't wait to actually have them hanging up.  

This is the larger of the two boards. This is made up of many torn strips of paper around the outside edge to decorate the frame.

The smaller of the two boards

Now on to some layouts.  I had the Aspen kit that was just perfect for the pictures of our Honeymoon in Colorado, almost 25 years ago.  Part of the fun part was going on a hunt for the pictures.  I knew that they were in an album in the Cedar Chest in the basement, but it was turned in such a way as to make it impossible to get into it.  Had to turn it the other way.  Finally found the album with the pictures.  I chose the pictures from our two trips to Garden of the Gods.  Please remember that these pictures are almost 25 years old and therefor not digital but the old 35 mm. The colors really seem to lack something.  Would love to go back to Garden of the Gods again sometime.  Would be a great place to take the girls.

In these two pictures, the mountains are torn out of their paper and placed onto another sheet of papers.  

On these two layouts the brown paper with the tree trunk like pattern has been torn on both pages.

The final two layouts have the paper strips that are on the top and bottom torn.  I have to say that I am so excited about having completed 8 pages from our honeymoon (two didn't fit the challenge for this week) that I am looking at actually getting the rest of the pictures done in time for our 25th wedding anniversary.  Then I may have to go back and scrap the pictures from our wedding.  What a fun album it will make with all of the pictures together.  

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