Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day of Creativity/ Dec and Jan

I finally got the pictures for the last two day of creativiy layouts printed. The December layout I used pictures of the family dressed up. Usually Kurt and I don't have a picture taken of just the two of us, so this was kind of nice. For the 2008 Review/Welcome 2009 I went through and picked out a few pictures from last year that were a highlight to our year. There was a few more of Sarah than Kristen, but 2008 was a big year for Sarah. Confirmation, High School, Marching Band, Choir etc. For the welcome 2009 I used pictures that I took from a party that we had on Jan. 1st. We had 12 people over and for the first time in years there were two other kids, so our kids had someone to talk to.

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Jennie said...

love the LOs. Sounds like you had a great year!!