Thursday, January 15, 2009

Explosion Box

Lisa Falduto has offered a couple of free classes. You need to join a yahoo group and purchase the supplies to get the instructions. Since I am not always free to get to a class at my LSS when they are offered, I have enjoyed taking her classes. The instructions are SO easy to understand, the finished project is terrific, I usually learn a new technique, and I can take the class when it is convenient for me. Today I took advantage of yet another snow day to work on her latest class, an Explosion Box. Now that I have learned how to make an explosion box, I am thinking that it would be fun to start creating some for gifts.


Anonymous said...

Explosion boxes are great and you can adapt them to any gift or holiday you need !!!!

Great work

lfalduto said...

Great job on the Explosion box! It looks sooooooo cute!