Friday, August 6, 2010

Here is the sketch for the week of August 6th from Pieces of Me blog. I must say that I am really enjoying these sketches and the different look that my albums are going to have because of them. I have been working so hard on trying to get Sarah's album caught up and also do a few of Kristen's layouts, that I have totally neglected doing anything for Kurt or I. I have decided that I need to throw in a layout or two for each of us or for the family once in awhile instead of always working on the girls pictures. Several years ago, we were able to get away for a Friday night in September. I know very rare indeed. The football team played on Thursday that night. We went up to Miller Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to see the Brewers play ball. Traveling companions were Kurt's coworker and her husband. We attended a pregame party in the parking lot sponsered by one of the computer companies and then had free tickets into the park. This was the first time Kurt had ever been in a major league ball field, I have been in a few others through out the years. We had a great time and really enjoyed being able to get away from it all if even for just a short time period.

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