Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bits and Pieces Guest Designer.

Last November or December (I don't remember which)  there was a post on Fiskateers asking for people who would be interested in becoming a Bits and Pieces designer.  I decided to try this thinking it would be fun.  Groovy Deb sends the guest designer a package of her left overs.  Your challenge is to create either scrapbook pages, cards, tags, etc with her scraps.  You are allowed to use white card stock and then any stamps, paints, dyes, etc that you want.  When the package arrived I was really excited until I opened it.  The one color that I don't really use is Pink, so it took me awhile to figure out what I was going to do with the pink.  I will say that once I got started it was easier than I thought.  There were a few snags with getting this project done, The day that I was planning on scrapping, I came down with the flu and didn't get anything else done.  I ended up getting my layouts done a week or so later.  The first picture is one that I created for a class I am taking Scrapbook*Life*Journal.  The second page is a picture of my daughters at the nursing home that their grandfather lives in.  My oldest daughter dances for a tap team that travels to nursing homes, hospitals, family reunions etc and puts on about 1 1/2 hour show.  The nursing home that Grandpa lives in, is one of the places they always visit.  Grandpa has to make sure that he is seated right in the front row for this show.  The pink worked perfectly for this as the costume for this past year was pink. The next page is for my younger daughter and her "boyfriend".  Of course I am not sure how serious 12 year old's can be about relationships.  The two attend the same church so they see each other on Sunday's and for confirmation classes.  They are also both involved in 4-H(but different clubs) so they see each other at county wide activities.  They do live about 25 miles apart so do not attend the same school.
The final layout that I created probably should have been done a few years ago, but the pink was perfect for that also.  It is of Kristen and a few of her friends from a week at church camp several years ago. The problem with waiting so long, is that neither of us remember who the girls are.

Over all this was a fun challenge that pushed me out of my comfort zone a bit.  For that I need to thank Groovy Deb.  I will now consider using pink more often and also ribbon.  Thanks Deb for the challenge.

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