Saturday, February 18, 2012

Secret Project

For the past few weeks, I have had a secret project going on.  I was trying to make cheerleader outfits for build a bear sized stuffed animals that matched the varsity cheer uniforms.  This was slightly difficult as I have never sewn without a pattern before.  So first I had to try and copy the outfit that Kristen had for her bear and then tweak it to make it look like the Clinton High Varsity Uniforms.  After getting a dummy outfit made up, I borrowed Sarah's bear (without her knowledge to take a picture and send to the cheer coach.

After getting the okay from the coach I tweaked the pattern once again and then began to make 5 outfits.  One for each of the senior girls.This started to become a bit difficult to make them up when Sarah wasn't home, so she ended up knowing ahead of time.  I finally finished the outfits and sent them off with Kurt to the cheer coach.

You will notice that I added the CHS with my embroidery machine and that I also made pom poms to match the ones the girls use.  

Last night was senior night.  The girls were introduced along with their parents and then after that the juniors gave them their gifts.  I was hoping to watch them open their gifts, but they took their bags back to the old stage area (The cheerleaders practice area).  Shortly after all 5 came back out carrying their bears.  They were so excited to get them and thought that this was a really neat gift. 

I was really pleased to see that the girls like their bears and more important that Sarah has a neat bear to remember her senior year of year with.

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